What is Skulltag?

Just what is Skulltag, you ask? Skulltag is a mod for the once and still popular game, Doom II. It features many brand new features to the game, including new items, weapons, skins, bots, levels, gameplay modes, and a whole slew of other things.

The single player portion of Skulltag consists of three brand new scenarios: "The Mortal Conflict", an episode of deathmatch levels, accompanied with playable bots, "Tournament of The Damned", an episode of skulltag (the gameplay mode) levels, also accompanied with playable bots and "The Impending Nightmare", A new game mode in Skulltag called Invasion, in which monsters are spawned in a series of waves. The multiplayer portion of ST is based on the client/server setup, in which people host game servers, and players connect to those games using a launcher, or command line parameters. This setup allows players to enter and leave games while the game is going on, as opposed to being locked into a game, and only being able to join when the game starts, like other versions of Doom.




Why use Skulltag?

So why use Skulltag, as opposed to other ports, or doom2.exe? I'll tell you why!

  • It's based on the amazing ZDoom, by Randy Heit. It has inherited all of ZDoom's features, which you can view here.  In addition to those features, ST has an uncapped framerate, the ability to play Heretic/Hexen, and many more!
  • Superior client/server capability! Skulltag's multiplayer is roughly based on ZDaemon 1.x, by NightFang. On top of that, it's also had some major optimizations, so smooth, that even 56k users can play on it.
  • It features a ton of new content, such as maps, weapons, etc.; adding to the already incredible Doom universe!
  • It features an in-game server browser! Now, you can go browse and join servers without the aid of a launcher! You can also low between single player and multiplayer games with great ease.
  • It features maps from incredibly talented mappers, such as Boris Iwanski, Mike Watson (Cyb), and Derek MacDonald (Afterglow).
  • It has the new icon/medal system! Players get awarded medals for performing great feats (such as getting 5 frags without dying), and icons that let other players know important information about yourself (if you're chatting, lagging, etc.)
  • It features the announcer system!  A customizable announcer announces certain events throughout the game (such as when there's 3 frags left). Users can make their own announcer wads, place them in the \ANNOUNCER directory, and users can select between the different announcer profiles (similar to skins)!
  • Skulltag is an all-in-one port! Skulltag can be run in single player, client, or host mode, all with one exe!





Simply place skulltag.exe, skulltag.wad, and fmod.dll in a folder with doom.wad, doom2.wad, heretic.wad, or hexen.wad, and run skulltag.exe. If your folder does not have one of the forementioned wads, you have three options:

  • Run skulltag with -iwad <location of IWAD>
  • Set the DOOMWADDIR enviornment variable to the local of your IWAD.
  • In your . ini file, set PATH=<IWAD directory>

If you don't do any of these, again, you must place your IWAD in the same directory as skulltag.exe for it to run.



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