How do I add colors to my name?

		Colorizing your name works the way you coloring strings in ACS. To colorize a 
		part of your name, simply put:


		... before that part of your name. Whatever letter you pick (a-i) determines 
		the color of the letters after it. So, say I wanted to make my name red. 
		I'd type (at the console)

			name \cgCarnevil

		Since g is the code for red, that makes my name appear in red. If I wanted the 
		first part in red, and the second in blue, I'd do:

			name \cgCarn\chevil

		Since h is the code for blue, everything after it ("evil") will appear blue. 
		Pretty simple, huh? Anyway, the color codes are:

			a: reddish brick
			b: tan
			c: white
			d: green
			e: brown
			f: gold
			g: red
			h: blue
			i: orange
			j: white
			k: yellow
			l: red
			m: black
			n: sky blue
			o: beige
			p: olive
			q: dark green
			r: dark red
			s: brown
			t: purple
			u: gray

		Go nuts! :) It can also be done when chatting, so enjoy.
Who is the voice of the Skulltag announcer?
		Mike Lightner, better known as Mancubus_II. Why, he's the same guy who 
		did the HTML and art for this here manual!
Why is the BFG10K so damn weak?
		plz die, kthxbye.



Single Player

		No questions here, yet...


Client Mode

How do I connect to servers?

There are serveral ways to do this:
  • Skulltag's internal server browser easily lets you connect to servers! Simply go to Multiplayer->Browse Servers, and choose the server of your choice to play in!
  • You can type "connect " in the console window to connect to a server if you know it's IP address.
  • There are also many excellent 3rd party programs that can be used with Skulltag that let you connect to servers!
    • IDE allows you to easily browse and join servers.
    • Doom Connector also lets you join servers, as well as provides a pre-game chat interface!


How do I change the server's name?

		Set the cvar "sv_hostname" to whatever you'd like your server name to be.
  • How do I set the rcon password?
    		Set the cvar "sv_rconpassword" to whatever you'd like the password to be.
    How do I set the message of the day (MOTD)?
    		Set the cvar "sv_motd" to whatever you'd like the password to be.