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Note: You need a copy of Doom (or Heretic, Hexen, or Strife) to play Skulltag. If you don't have one, Steam sells it cheapest for $10. Once you download it, Skulltag takes care of the rest.

Latest Stable Version

The latest is version 98d, released on November 7, 2010. [Changelog]

Download.Advanced users: zipped / lite (15MB)

Download the Linux Base and the version for your architecture: 32-bit or 64-bit. For help, see the Setup guide.

BSD (Server Only)
Download the Linux Base and this tarball.

Mac OS X
Download the installer.

Server Browsers


Kick-ass server browser for all platforms.


Uber-powerful Windows browser.


SkulltalkIRC client

Chat with other Skulltaggers.

Hi-Res Items311KB

Doubles the quality of many pickup items.

Editing configs

Create Skulltag maps.

Video trailers

32in1 Video

That was a crazy LMS match.

Also available on YouTube.59MB

97d Trailer

Slated for an early 2008 release!

Also available on YouTube.92MB

97b Trailer

The trailer that started it all.

Also available on YouTube.10MB

Older versions:
Sorted descendingly by time.

0.98c - (ZIP, 28.8MB)
0.98b - (ZIP, 28.8MB)
0.98a - (ZIP, 28.9MB)
0.97d5 - (ZIP, 22.4MB)
0.97d beta 4.3 - (ZIP, 24.9MB)
0.97c3 - (ZIP, 23.2MB)
0.97c2 - (ZIP, 23.5MB) (source)
0.97c - (ZIP, 23.5MB)
0.97b - (ZIP, 23.6MB)
0.96f - (ZIP, 11.4MB)
0.96e - (ZIP, 11.4MB)
0.96d - (ZIP, 11.4MB)
0.96d with Freedoom - (ZIP, 17.9MB)
0.96c - (ZIP, 11.4MB)
0.96c with Freedoom - (ZIP, 17.9MB)
0.96b - (ZIP, 11.3MB)
0.96b with Freedoom - (ZIP, 17.8MB)
0.95k - (ZIP, 6.47MB)
0.95j - (ZIP, 6.47MB)
0.95i - (ZIP, 6.45MB)
0.95h - (ZIP, 6.38MB)
0.95g - (ZIP, 6.78MB)
0.95f - (ZIP, 6.84MB)
0.95e - (ZIP, 6.80MB)
0.95c - (ZIP, 6.77MB)
0.94c - (ZIP, 6.29MB)
0.94b - (ZIP, 5.29MB)
Beta 93 - (ZIP, 4.71MB)
Beta 92 - (ZIP, 4.27MB)
Beta 91 - (ZIP, 4.33MB) (source)
Beta 90 - (ZIP, 3.06MB)
Beta 81 - (ZIP, 2.26MB)
Beta 8 - (ZIP, 2.19MB)
Beta 2 - (ZIP, 1.56MB)
Beta 1 - (ZIP, 1.15MB)